Our Hospice Team

This specially designed patient care team combines their skills and knowledge to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient and family.

Your doctors continue to care for you. You can choose to keep your relationship with your family physician, who will work with your Prime Care hospice team. Prime Care Hospice’s own physicians specialize in comfort care, make house calls, and consult with your doctor.

Prime Care Hospice’s professional nurses are hand-picked from the vast collection of applicants received by Prime Care Hospice. Only those Nurses whose passion in caring for those facing end of life circumstances are part of our professional staff.

The ability of our nurses to provide needed comfort, understanding and assurances is so vital in one’s last days that Prime Care Hospice maintains a very low caseload so our nursing staff is only a telephone call away when you or your loved one needs them.

Prime Care Hospice’s certified Hospice Aides are committed to excellence in patient care and comfort as part of the Hospice Team. They strive to maintain dignity and independence for the patient as they provide assistance with personal care and grooming such as bathing, washing hair and dressing.

A Hospice Certified Nursing Aid works very closely with the RN case manager and takes vital statistics; including blood pressure, pulse and temperature, reporting back to the RN. They are also an excellent source of information, and can provide instruction for caregivers on comfort, personal care and safety techniques, when caring for their loved ones.

At Prime Care Hospice, social workers are always there to promote quality of life and enhance coping for patient and families. Social Workers provide a safe atmosphere for sharing concerns and feelings as families struggle with the serious illness of a loved one.

Our Social Workers are trained to provide expert direction to patients and families which is sensitive to culture, ethnicity, customs, and religious beliefs. With their vast knowledge of community resources, Social Workers can assist with care planning and help in maneuvering through complex social service and healthcare systems. Prime Care Hospice Social Workers are skilled problem-solvers ready to respond to changing needs with respect and compassion in helping with our patient’s wishes.

Prime Care Hospice knows spiritual support is varied. Rather than try and impose religious beliefs, Spiritual Counselor endeavor to be good listeners and help people cope with questions and other issues raised by terminal illness. Hospice Spiritual Counselor are trained to assist people to talk about their concerns and discover their own meaningful answers.

If the patient is affiliated with a place of worship or religious organization, the Spiritual Counselor can keep them informed as directed by patient and family.

The Volunteer Coordinator recruits, trains and retains volunteers. We take pride on matching volunteers to the patient. Once a patient or family member requests a volunteer, the Volunteer Coordinator completes a Volunteer Assessment. Then sits and talks with the patient and their family explaining the role of a Hospice Volunteer. We discuss the needs of the patient and what will help the family.