Grief and Loss Services

front-porch-Kendyl-Young-via-photo-pin-CCGrief and Loss Services

While grieving, you may experience sleep disturbances, appetite changes, loss of concentration and forgetfulness as well as frequent crying. You may also find you have lack of energy, numbness and exhaustion.

Ultimately, no one can prepare you for your experience of grief and loss. Each person reacts uniquely to the loss of a loved one. Your grief is unique. Your bereavement is your own, and it can feel devastating. The loss of a loved one can change your life. Even if we believe that we are strong or well-prepared, the feelings of grief can be intense.

Prime Care Hospice provides bereavement support to grieving individuals, families and communities dealing with loss and grief. Our Bereavement Team consists of experienced, licensed professionals who believe that grief is a natural and difficult response to loss.

Services include:

  • Hospice Bereavement
  • Grief Counseling
  • Specific Loss Support Groups
  • Grief Workshops
  • Interfaith Memorial Service
  • Bereavement Information & Referral
  • Clinical Consultation
  • Community/Professional Educational Programs
  • Volunteer Outreach Services
  • Grief in School
  • Grief in the Workplace